Thursday, April 28, 2005

Educated Rap

"Gettin' harder and harder to recognize the trap
Too much information about nothin'
Too much educated rap
It's just like you told me, just like you said it would be

The moon rising like wildfire
I feel the breath of a storm
Something I got to do tonight
You go inside and stay warm
--Bob Dylan "Someone's Got a Hold of My Heart"

Received some miscellaneous and interesting mailart for Bob Dylan's Birthday mailart call today; Barry Edgar Pilcher in County Donegal, Eire sent in a photo of his cat Beavis with birthday wishes written on the back; EUGENIA SERAFINI in Rome Italy sent in a recycled post card; Ruggero Maggi in Italy sent an envelope with anti-war zeroxes and birthda wishes for Bob; Lovona Sheararts in Minnesota sent an article about Dylan from Minnesota Monthly magazine and a blank journal with Dylan's photo on the cover; and Ct. Pf. Joseph A. Uphoff, Jr. in Colorado, USA sent a white business envelope filled with ephemera and examples of his current project.


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