Saturday, December 25, 2004

Ugliest Girl In The World

Theo Nelson
Originally uploaded by Ed Giecek.
"The woman that I love she got a hook in her nose
her eyebrows meet, she wears second hand clothes
She speaks with a stutter and she walks with a hop
I don't know why I love her but I just can't stop

You know I love her
Yeah I love her
I'm in love with the Ugliest Girl in the World
--Bob Dylan & Robert Hunter

Received an interesting post card on heavy museum board from Canada. Photo shows both front and back of post card.


Blogger Syl said...

Ed, just wanted to tell you
it's a lovely, lovely way you are
matching Dylans lyrics to each piece.
Dylan had an 'ellava insight into what
was going on, didn't he?!

4:29 PM  
Blogger Ed Giecek said...

Thank'zZ Syl... I'm havin' a ball searching my brain and Dylan's lyrics for quotes that match up with the artwork.

This painting immediately reminded me (could it have been the butt cheek'z??) of Dylan's song "Ugliest Girl In The World" from the album "Down In The Groove".

2:55 PM  

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